Put an end to the leaking of those otherwise good pistols. Will also fit Daisy 780/790. The kits include high performance oil-resistant o-rings including a transfer port seal which helps to stop the blow-off and waste of CO2 bypassing the transfer port, resulting in higher velocity! (The original design does not have any seal.)

Installation is easy, pin punch required. Comes with instructions, but give it to a gunsmith if you feel uncomfortable. Note: some of our our o-ring dimensions are different from the originals to compensate for the poorly engineered groove dimensions. Guns fitted with our seals hold pressure much longer.

Make sure you order for the correct caliber as seal dimensions differ.

When ordering a seal kit, optionally add a spare o-ring for the piercing body; as it is frequently exposed, it may get damaged by dirt or wears out sooner.

Seal kits for Smith&Wesson 78G and 79G

 79G cal.177 seal kit
USD 18.00

 78G cal.22 seal kit
USD 18.00

 Additional piercing body o-ring
(part #11226)
USD 1.00

Shipping/Handling: USD 5.00
Free shipping for 4 kits or more


78G Manual (PDF)

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Get Magnum power installing a heavier hammer spring. At the lowest power setting, you get about 30 shots per cartridge.

Installation is easy. Comes with instructions, but give it to a gunsmith if you feel uncomfortable.

Get Magnum Power for your Smith&Wesson 78G and 79G

 Magnum Hammer Spring
USD 8.00

Shipping/Handling: USD 5.00
Free shipping for 5 items or more


78G Manual (PDF)

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Replace the barrel on your 78G
The 78G would be a good gun, if only its original barrels were not inferior. We made a very limited run of match-quality choked precision barrels.

With the right pellet, these barrels are capable to print one-hole groups at 33 feet/10 meters! The overlength barrels shoot with greatly improved velocity. Read more here.

Caliber .177 not available.

Choked .22 caliber precision match barrel for the Smith&Wesson 78G. Limited run made in Switzerland. Last chance!

 Overlength 11" w. barrelweight 5"
USD 168.00 2 in stock

 Overlength 13" w. barrelweight 5"
USD 197.00 2 in stock

Shipping/Handling: USD 30.00


78G Manual (PDF)

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After half a century, the piston seals of nearly all Walther LP2 and Walther LP3 are decaying, due to low quality mineral oils or the inferior Ballistol used as a chamber lube. Nowadays, much better products, like synthetic oils, are readily available.

Simply install this new design with our two oil-resistant o-rings. Guns fitted with this piston usually shoot 350fps.

2 replacement seals and installing instructions are provided.


Walther LP2 and LP3

 Replacement piston (part #62)
USD 60.00

Shipping/Handling: USD 30.00



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Get maximum velocity using our red high performance parachute design piston seal! Top quality polymers and rigorous quality standards ensure highest durability. Unbeatable.

28.6mm diameter; to fit models RWS Dianawerk 24, 26, 28, 34, 36, 38, 40, 45, 46, 48, 52, 54, 56, 60, 66, 75, 300, 350, 460, as well as SM1000 and B21-2.

It is strongly recommended to replace the piston seal frequently, as worn out seals are often the cause for broken scopes and loss of power.

Instructions on how to replace the seal can be found here.

 Piston seal for RWS/Dianawerk

USD 9.00

Shipping/Handling: USD 6.00
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