Kueng HyperMagnum - the Desert Eagle of pellet pistols
Spring piston design air pistol that delivers the punch of a magnum air rifle; a 12 footpounds* power house! Its unique design incorporates a long-stroke system making this tremendous power possible. No other springer pistol comes even close.

Note that it is not a pneumatic--no charging gear or pumping required! The main spring is cocked by lifting the barrel over the compression tube.

High-quality and ruggedly built to last forever. A gladiator among air pistols. Action parts are steel and high grade aluminum. A lot of parts are milled from solid.

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Technical specifications*1:
Power Plant: Spring piston
Energy: 6 or 12ft/lbs*2
Calibers: .177, .20, .22, and .25
Weight: 1,940g/4.28lbs
Overall Length: 334mm/12.36"
Barrel Length: 276mm/10.87"
Cocking System: Single stroke, single stage
Cocking Effort: 15kg/33lbs or 25kg/55lbs*2
Trigger: 2-stage; adjustable for travel, pull weight and over-travel
Sights: adjustable rear and front sight
Scope Grooves: standard 11mm dovetails with arrestor pin holes
Safety: manual only
Special Features: interchangeable Lothar Walther barrels, interchangeable transfer port sizes

*1. data subject to changes

Limited lifelong warranty.



Project on hold:
March 2010. Due to uncertainties like the continuing worldwide restrictions of gun ownership, we have suspended the project indefinitely. We do not know when production will commence and do not have a date for the release of the HyperMagnum pistol.

Commenced February 2008.

Prototype building:
Commenced mid June 2006. Closed.

Closed. (Commenced Spring 2004.)

Stay tuned for more info!






Please read the FAQ

The Prototype in the white.

Frequently asked Questions


When will the gun be available?


We cannot anticipate the date yet.


What will it cost?


We have not yet established the price. It depends on a lot of factors.


How high is the velocity?


Sorry not to answer “1,000 fps”. We think in footpounds of kinetic energy, not velocity? Read more about velocity here.


How powerful is the HyperMagnum pistol?


Depending on caliber and mainspring configuration, the output of kinetic energy in .177 roughly ranges from 8 to 9 footpounds (fpe), caliber .22 and .25 range from 10 to 12 fpe.

This makes it twice as powerful as the HW45/P1!


How accurate is the HyperMagnum pistol?


Thanks to close tolerances and Lothar Walther barrels, accuracy will be superb. First tests with the prototype have already been more than satisfactory.


Is the recoil not too strong to be accurate?


Not in the least. The Walther LP 53 had the direction of the piston stroke almost perpendicular to the bore axis! It would kick and jump like a mule, and yet, a good shooter can continuously hit a 1 inch target at 10 meters.

The stroke axis of the Kueng HyperMagnum is a perfectly aligned extension of the shooting arm, therefore it does not suffer that flaw. Also, it is not too light in weight, making for a stable hold.


Is the cocking effort manageable?


Take your 12fpe barrel cocker rifle, grab the barrel in the middle instead at the muzzle, and cock it. That's about what you have to expect with the maximum power spring. The 6fpe spring will be more moderate. There might be a 9fpe spring as well.


Will a shoulderstock be available?


In the UK, adding a shoulderstock to make it a rifle is the only way to make it legal if exceeding 6 fpe, so a shoulderstock is planned to be made available as an optional add-on. Since there is only a single mounting screw, it will be easy to quickly exchange grip and stock in the field.


How are the grips?


Ambidextrous, right-hand, and left-hand grips will be available.


Can a pistol scope be mounted?


Yes, there is a 11mm rail and holes in the right places to take recoil arrestor pins. Planned are versions with and without iron sights.


How loud is the report?


Latest tests revealed it is surprisingly moderate.


Can a silencer/suppressor be mounted?


May be offered as an option.


How is the safety?


There is a manual safety, but no anti-beartrap, or automatic type of safety. It is the operators sole responsibility to have the safety engaged and keep the finger off the trigger while the barrel is in open position.


Is the gun legal?


*2. To comply with UK law, pistols have a 6ftlbs spring installed. A maximum power spring kit can be obtained.

In the UK, pellet pistols exceeding 6 ft/lbs are banned, and no FAC can be obtained to make the possession legal.


Will a gas spring be available?


No, because the effort to cock the very powerful spring is already maxed out. To achieve the same power with a gas spring, a much greater cocking effort is required. Read more about gas springs here.


Other questions?


If you have any questions that have not been answered in this FAQ-list, please go to the Contact page.



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