Kueng Eleven
The pistol that should not exist! In an age of molded plastic and bent sheetmetal parts, we bring you a gun that is made from full material; stainless steel and aluminum, all anodized and hot salt-bath blued.

The grips are made of precious Ebony and decorative Zebrawood.

Choked match quality barrels ensure top accuracy.

Bulk fill, single shot. Very powerful and accurate.

Due to the ongoing trend to further restrict gun ownership worldwide, we are sad to announce that it is no longer possible to offer those pistols.

No more new batches are therefore planned or in the works.

Technical specifications:
Power Plant: CO2, bulk fill
Energy: 5ftlbs
Caliber: .22
# consistent shots per fill: 6
Weight: 1,010g/2.23lbs
Overall Length: 254mm/10.0"
Barrel Length: 110mm/4.3"
Trigger: 2-stage, overtravel stop
Sights: windage-adjustable rear sight
Safety: manual
Charging thread: 1/8” Pipe

Limited lifelong warranty.





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